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Modern Renovating Tips For Outdoor Living Areas

In order to understand how your outdoor living area will turn out, you need to gather the basic information about your home. These include the type of activities you enjoy, your neighbourhood and the location. Moving forward with the plan of contacting reputed renovation builders in Gold Coast, you must be prepared to chalk out the plan when the time comes! 

So, we’re providing you with some practical tips to give you a heads-up:   

Build a Wooden Deck or Patio 

Nothing even comes close to the regal aspect of a timber deck. It’s warm, inviting and adds an aesthetic touch to your property’s exterior. Plus, this would be a great addition to your outdoor area for entertaining your guests. Furthermore, this will provide a sheltered space and an aesthetical connection between the inside and outside areas, protecting your family from the weather elements. 

Build an Outdoor Kitchen 

Having an outdoor kitchen is a smart way to make use of the outdoor space into something more functional. Consider installing a built-in grill or BBQ, sink and other appliances to make the space functional and non-obstructive. This will not limit any travel of the residents and also expand the cooking area. Outdoor kitchens are a new trend, and you can too join the bandwagon.  

Build a Pool or a Fountain 

A water feature, be it a fountain or a pool, can be a great way to glam up your outdoor living area. Get in touch with a bathroom designer in Gold Coast if you’re considering attaching a shower cubicle beside the pool. This addition will not only turn your home into a tropical paradise but also, increase the value of your property. If you want to level up, consider installing benches around the pool for a lounge feel. 

On the other hand, if you’re in the mood to add a vintage touch, adding a fountain will do the trick. Use mood lighting that changes with the time of day and dazzle your guests with these cool tricks! 

Build a Fireplace 

As surprising as it may sound, having an outdoor fireplace is an excellent addition to the outdoor living space. It can be either a traditional wood-burning unit, or a modern-styled gas fireplace. Whatever you think so, communicate your requirements in detail with the renovation builders in Gold Coast. Alternatively, you can also consider installing a fire ring or pit, as they consume less space. 

Build an Outdoor Hangout Zone 

Not for the faint-hearted! 

If budget renovations aren’t your thing, you can consider building an outdoor hangout area tucked against the front of your home. Crazy, right? But, outdoor rooms are fast becoming a trend in Australia and who knows, you could be the first one to build one in your neighbourhood? These spaces are something in-between an indoor-living area and a porch. So, embrace this change! 

Are you interested in building these additions to your home? 

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