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The Build Process

It is important to us that every customer understands our build process.  This ensures that we are always on the same page as you.  You know what to expect and we know what to deliver. 

We believe regular communication is key – this is what we aim to provide you throughout the build process.

This first step occurs from our first consultation with you.  You will sit down with our builder Nathan and discuss exactly what type of renovation or build you require and we will ask you for as much detail as possible.  If you do not have a design in mind, we can refer you to our designer for assistance.  Depending on the type of work being carried out, we may at times need to refer to an engineer – we will of course discuss this with you prior if it is needed.  It is important you bring as much information with you as possible – even if it is just magazine clippings or photos.  We want to get a clear and thorough idea of your requirements so that we can work on implementing these exactly as you envisage.

Once you have decided on a final design, this is when we will take this information and consult with all of our contractors and suppliers to provide you with an end quote for the entirety of the works.  We only employ contractors with quality workmanship and our builder Nathan supervises and ensures that the work completed is to the highest quality and satisfaction.  When you receive the quote, Nathan is available directly to discuss every aspect of this quote with you.  If you are happy to proceed, we present a contract to you for your acceptance and signature. 

Council and Building approvals are obtained at this phase.  The cost of these are always included in the quote and end contract price you have agreed upon.  If an engineer is required, any additional cost for this will be presented to you.  We need to ensure that the works undertaken are approved and certified within the relevant building regulations.

Once all approvals are in place, we start the actual renovation or build work as soon as possible.  We will communicate with you every step of the way throughout the build and Nathan is available directly on his mobile for you to call if you have any questions or concerns.

Prior to declaring full completion, Nathan will inspect and rectify any defects in the construction work completed.  Once satisfied everything is completed to the highest standard, Nathan will then complete ‘handover’ with you.   This is where he gives you the opportunity to inspect the works yourself and to confirm your satisfaction and sign-off on the build or renovation.  If there are areas that need to be rectified, Nathan will ensure these are completed as soon as possible.  Once you and the builder are satisfied, your build is successfully finalised.

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