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Kitchen Renovations You Need to Opt for if You Have An Aged Family Member

Our living spaces should adapt as our loved ones’ needs alter as they age. The kitchen, which is sometimes regarded as the centre of the house, is a crucial space where modifications may help seniors live more comfortably and safely every day. Thus, in such situations, you must hire a reputable home builder near you who will be able to come up with certain kitchen specifications, which will make your kitchen a safer space for your loved one.

Vouch for Open Accessibility

Opening up the space is one of the first stages in making a kitchen suitable for senior citizens. Thus, while conducting kitchen renovations in Gold Coast or anywhere else, remove obstacles like tight corners and tiny entrances. The kitchen can be navigated by your loved one with ease thanks to wider entries and walkways that can fit mobility aids like wheelchairs and walkers.

Lowering the countertops and cabinets

Seniors may find it uncomfortable and potentially dangerous to use standard countertop heights because they are excessively high. Making storage and meal preparation more accessible may be accomplished by lowering counters and cabinets. By installing pull-out drawers or shelves, you can also avoid having to reach into deep cabinets, which lowers the possibility of accidents.

Opting for Grippy, Slip-Proof Surfaces

A senior-friendly kitchen should place a high focus on safety. Non-slip alternatives should be used in place of slick tiles or hardwood flooring. Better traction is provided by rubber or cork flooring, which lowers the risk of slips and falls — which can be particularly dangerous and at times, fatal for senior citizens.

Revamping and Correcting the Lighting

For elderly people with poor vision, a well-lit kitchen is crucial. Install task lights within drawers and under cabinets to efficiently brighten work areas. To make life easier for your loved one and prevent them from fumbling for light switches, think about installing motion-activated lighting in consultation with the provider of kitchen renovation services you have hired.

Replacing the existing handles and faucets with that are simple to use

Cleaning hands and dishes can be made easier by switching out conventional faucets for ones with lever-style handles or touchless faucets. Choose handles that are simple to turn and easy to hold for less rigorous daily kitchen duties.

Getting appliances that are accessible

To replace outdated appliances, think about getting ones with user-friendly features. Your elderly family member’s freedom in the kitchen can be substantially increased by appliances such as wall ovens with side-swing doors, front-control ranges, and refrigerators with accessible shelves.

Adding safety features

Constraining safety is never a good idea. Install safety measures like grab bars close to the cooker and sink to offer assistance when preparing meals. Additional hazard prevention measures include anti-scald faucet accessories and automatic hob shut-off timers.

Adding an Organised Storage Facility

Keep all of your kitchen’s necessities nearby. To make sure everything is easily accessible, install pull-out pantry shelves, and adjustable-height cabinets. Meal preparation can be simplified and made more fun with the help of organised storage solutions.

Thus designing a kitchen for senior citizens requires careful planning and wise remodelling. These modifications not only increase safety but also raise the standard of living for your elderly family member. The centre of your house can remain a warm and practical environment for everyone, regardless of age or mobility, by emphasising accessibility and convenience. For that, You Build happens to be your best option if you are in the Gold Coast.

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